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Joint pain? Abdominal pain? Issues with nerves or Bladder problems? Inflammatory disease?  We can be faced with many problems through our lives.  Many can be in isolation, but at times one problem can exist with another.  Our problems can interact with each other.  Looking for the right specialist, or an integrated specialist practice can be important to get us back to our best health. The Seaview Clinic is a unique specialist practice offering a multidisciplinary medical and surgical consultation and treatment clinic.  We offer integrated orthopaedic (hand, wrist, hip, knee, foot and ankle), neurosurgical (brain and spine), neurological, urological, gastroenterological, rheumatological, endocrinological, maxillofacial, pain management and podiatry review. Learn More about the services provided
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Surgical Care

Surgery can be a daunting process, with consideration for the risks and recovery associated with any procedure. Our Specialists cover a broad range of surgical specialies.  All our surgeons are highly trained medial professionals who have passed the standards of the Royal College of Surgeons to provide high quaility care.

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Medical Care

Medical conditions can be simple or complex problems covering many parts of our bodies.  At times more than one specialist can be involved with your care.  The Seaview clinic offers neurological, rheumatological, gastroenterological, rehabilitation and pain management care in the one convenient location.  

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Ancillary Care

Allied heath professionals play an important part in the care of you condition with the surgeon and medical specialists.  The Seaview Clinic has onsite podiatry, providing complete foot care in coordination with the Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Rheumatologist and Rehabilitation specialists.

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Latest News

The Seaview Clinic offers a multidisiplinary approach to the care of your condition.  Keep up to date with the latest happenings at the clinic. 
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Endocrinology Care

The Seaview Clinic is now offering specialist endocrinology care for patients in the Illawarra Area. Dr Zoran Apostoloski has now join our broad specialist practice, offering specialised advise and care of endocrinological problems.

Painful hands | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Inflammatory Arthritis

Suffering from Rheumatoid Hands?

Inflammatory arthritis can be a debilitating problem.  It can affect our ability to care out normal activities that we can take for granted.  Dr Alistair Reid is now offering assessment and treatment of all rheumatological conditions.

Diabetic foot | Charcot | Ulcer | Foot Deformity

Diabetic Foot Assessment

Diabetic foot care is important in preventing severe problems.  An initial feature that can be missed is a red, hot swollen foot with minimal pain.  Seek assesment and care with our Orthoapedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Dr Anthony Cadden.

Specialties At The Seaview Clinic

Our doctors cover a broad range of specialities, each having a specific focus on a particular area of medicine or surgery.  The Seaview Clinic is unique in being able to an integrated care of your condition across these different specialities in the one convenient location.

Our Specialists are Here to Help

Our medical, surgical and allied health practicioners are here to help you with your problem.  Urgent appointments are available.

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  • Dr Anthony Cadden | Foot and Ankle Surgery | Bunions | Arthritis | Toes | Neuroma | Sprain | Achilles | Flat Feet |
  • Dr John Tawfik | Hand and Wrist Surgery | Carpal Tunnel | Trigger Finger | Tendon | Dupuytrens | Fracture |
  • Dr Vaibhav Punjabi | Hip and Knee Surgery | Arthroscopy | Meniscus | ACL | Replacement | Revision | Trauma | Fracture |
  • Dr Ravi Kumar Cherukuri | Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery | Tumours | Aneurysm | Herniated disc | Sciatica | Foot Drop | Spinal Cord |
  • Dr Matthew Threadgate | Urology and Robotic Surgery | Prostate | Cancer | Kidney | Stones | Bladder | Ureter |
  • Dr Anthony Oliver | Maxillofacial Surgery | Dental implants | Wisdom Teeth |
  • Dr Rob McGrath | Neurology | Electrophysiology | MS | Multiple Sclerosis | Neuropathy | Motor Neuron | Carpal Tunnel | Myopathy |
  • Dr Joshua Barton | Neurology | Electrophysiology | MS | Multiple Sclerosis |
  • Dr Thomas Lee | Gastroenterology | Endoscopy | Inflammatory Bowel | Crohn's | Ulcerative colitis |
  • Dr Alistair Reid | Rheumatology | Rheumatologist | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Inflammation | Inflammatory Disease | SLE | Scleroderma |
  • Dr Stuart Tan | Rehabilitation | Pain Management | Pain Intervention |
  • Sanjay Parasher | Podiatry | Bio-mechanical Assessment | Laser Therapy | Orthotics | Heel Pain |
  • WHOAM I ?
    Dr Anthony Cadden

    Dr Anthony Cadden is an Orthopaedic Surgeon who has a primary interest in the diagnosis and treatment of adult and children Foot and Ankle Conditions.  He provides minimally invasive procedures, deformity correction, total joint replacement, tendon repair and ligament reconstruction.  He has interest is treatment of bunions, hammer toes, neuromas, foot and ankle arthritis, tendinopathies, sporting injuries and joint replacement.

  • WHOAM I ?
    Dr John Tawfik

    Dr John Tawfik is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with a primary interest in the diagnosis and treatment of hand and wrist conditions.  He provides arthroscopy treatment, microsurgery, fracture management, deformity correction.  He has interest in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, dupuytrens disease, fractures of the hand and wrist.

  • WHOAM I ?
    Dr Vaibhav Punjabi

    Dr Vaibhav Punjabi is an Orthopaedic Surgeon who has a primary interest in the diagnosis and treatment of hip, knee and trauma related conditions.  He provides arthroscopy of the knee, primary and revision hip and knee replacement, ACL repair, meniscus surgery, trauma and fracture management. 

  • WHOAM I ?
    Dr Ravi Kumar Cherukuri

    Dr Ravi Kumar Cherukuri is a Neurosurgeon who is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of all brain and spine related conditions.  He provides intracranial surgery, including minimally invasive techniques, spine decompression and stabilization and traumatic brain and spine injuries.

  • WHOAM I ?
    Dr Matthew Threadgate

    Dr Matthew Threadgate is a Urologist who is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions.  He provides treatment for urological cancers, prostate disease, kidney stones and bladder conditions.  He has interest in the treatment of prostate, kidney and bladder cancers with the da Vinci Robot.

  • WHOAM I ?
    Dr Anthony Oliver 

    Dr Anthony Oliver is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of oral and maxillofacial conditions,  He provides treatment for facial trauma, jaw deformities, dental and removal od wisdom teeth. 

  • WHOAM I ?
    Dr Rob McGrath

    Dr Rob Mcgrath is a Neurologist who is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions and electrophysiological testings.  He provides treatment for multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease, stokes. He has a specialised interest in the management of multiple sclerosis, and botox treatment for neurological conditions.

  • WHOAM I ?
    Dr Joshua Barton

    Dr Joshua Barton is a Neurologist who is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions and electrophysiological testings. 

  • WHOAM I ?
    Dr Thomas Lee

    Dr Thomas Lee is a Gastroenterologist who is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of gastroenterological conditions.  He has a specialised interest in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.  He performs endoscopy for upper and lower intestinal investigation and treatment.

  • WHOAM I ?
    Dr Alistair Reid

    Dr Alistair Reid is a Rheumatologist who is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatological and immunological conditions.  He provides treatment for a wide variety of rheumatological conditions.  He has a special interest in the treatment of inflammatory conditions and infection prevention in immunocompromised hosts

  • WHOAM I ?
    Dr Stuart Tan

    Dr Stuart Tan is a Rehabilitation Physician  who is involved in the rehabilitation of patients post surgey, post trauma or painful musculoskeletal conditions.  He is also involved in the management of patients with chronic pain through a multidisiplinary approach.  He provides interventinal pain management through injections and neuromodulation techniques.

  • WHOAM I ?
    Sanjay Parasher

    Sanjay Parasher is a Podiatrist, who has undergone further masters degree training.  He has a primary interest in the diagnosis and management of foot related conditions, using bio-mechanical assessment, joint mobilization techniques  and corrective orthotics to treat the problem.  He is also providing laser therapy for fungal nails, neuromas, warts and tendinopathy pain.

Dr Anthony Cadden | Foot and Ankle Surgery | Bunions | Arthritis | Toes | Neuroma | Sprain | Achilles | Flat Feet |

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The doctors and staff at the Seaview Clinic are here to help you.  The first step to getting treatment for your condition can be reaching out with a question about your problem.

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About The Seaview Clinic

The Seaview Clinic is a multidisiplinary medical and surgical specialist clinic.  Our clinic is located on level 7 of the Wollongong Private Hospital, offering onsite secure parking and access to diagnositic imaging.  We are able to off a broad range of specialists who work together to provide an integrated service to the care of you and your condition.

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