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Making an Appointment

All of a our doctors are available for consultation.  Check the doctor information pages to see available days and locations.  Some of our specialists can be very busy due to public and private commitments, but we endevour to see all urgent referrals in a timely mannor.


All our medial and surgical specialists require a valid referral from your GP (valid 12 months) or another specialist (valid 3 months) to be able to see then and attract medicare benefits.  Please ensure that the referral is dated prior to the consultation day to be valid.


It is important to bring the referral and any reports or films or previous scans or other tests that relate to your condition.  In relation to xray's, most are electronic and can be accesed by the specialist on the day.  Please check with our staff to ensure that your images can be accessed



The Seaview Clinic is located at the Wollongong Private Hospital, 360-364 Crown Street Wollongong.  Paid parking is available, with entry on Crown St or from Urunga Parade behind the Hospital.  Parking costs are based by the hour.  For more information visit the Secure Parking Website


Patients may require to have xray prior to their visit to one of our Orthopaedic Surgeons.  This is often the case for fractures or after surgery where implants or hardware was inserted.  Contact the office the day prior to your visit to see if you need to attend the imaging department (on ground floor) on the day of your visit.



The Seaview Clinic is a private practice, and our doctors charge a private fee for the consultions.  This is payable on the day of your visit.  You will be informed with the amount by our staff when confirming the appointment.  A medicare rebate is available that can be claimed after the visit.  The difference between the fee and the rebate is your out of pocket gap.  This will vary depending on the specialist and the type of consultation.  There is no private health rebate for consultations.


If the specialist applies a splint or boot, or performs an injection into the joint,  there will be a fee raised separate to the consultation fee.  This is not rebated by medicare.  There maybe a rebate from your private health fund if you have ancillary cover.  If a surgical procedure is recommended, you will be provided with an informed quote outlining any fees and if there is an out o pocket gap.  This does not include any gap from the anaesthetist or excess from the hospital.


Get In Touch

Most specialists can be contacted on our main number (02) 4210 7870.  Check with the 

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Appointment Request Form

  • Once you have completed the request form, one of our staff will be in contact to confirm the details and time and date for the appointment.  Please ensure you have a valid referral or approval from your insurer to make the appointment.

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